Some of my memories of Steve Harris

I first met Steve whilst working part time at Virgin Records in Brighton (where Boots now reside) from 1974 to79,

They were great days although some a little hazy from the moment I met him I knew here was a kindred spirit,

That beaming smile of his & the bright light shinning through his eyes in a twinkle said loads.

He always made you feel welcome & at ease, and between many mugs of tea and biscuits talking of the stuff of life,


Laughing & joking Steve's humour got me every time of which at times had me rolling on the floor with uncontrollable laughter so I'd have to go and work in the back counter but as soon as Steve made a gesture or I caught his eye off we'd go again, To the amusement of all including customers was so infectious (and we managed to sell records as well) I'm sure was beneficial to sales and general well being of all those present in the shop.

Sharing musical anecdotes and what new sounds we had in stock to listen to Steely Dan, little feets and many others & buy at discount deducted from our wages of which there were lots. Steve's musical tastes and knowledge were vast.

Lots of similarities' but Steve turned me onto loads more in particular 'Keith Jarrett' live in Koln concerts, Chic Corea returns to forever & all the solo albums Lenny White etc & many many more.

As well as some very interesting books to read 'A Treatise on Cosmic Fire' by Alice Bailey and 'Seven Arrows 'Hyemeyohsts Storm, both of which are good reading.

In Steve's company all was well whether just having a pint or two together or the pleasure of watching him playing a gig with Flatfoot, The Amazorblades or Ten Men, at various venues was always an enjoyable & memorable experience.

So years come & go Steve moved elsewhere & I moved to the United States for four years with the wheels of life turning lost touch with each other as folk do, talking to Geoff Hearn & Roz one night in the 'Battle of Trafalgar' pub discovered that he was playing a gig at the Sanctuary Club in Brighton with 'Zaum,' I'm glad I went along what an amazing night of music and that was some twenty four years later since I'd physically seen Steve I had often thought of him & wondered how and where he was only to find out that he was only just down the coast a short distance away,

But it seemed like only yesterday and just speaking to him for ten or so minutes after show, let me see once again what a lovely warm & free spirited gentle giant of a man with a great sense of humour & so much presence.

I felt very sad on hearing that Steve had passed away, such a great loss of   musical talent & a wonderful human being, he certainly touched a lot of peoples lives with sunshine and my life is better & richer for knowing him.

My thoughts and prayers go out to Kathie, May and Bella.

God Bless You Steve

Andy xxx




Andy Henley